Month: January 2016

Value-added Services to Mobile Customers

Originally written  by Sheetal Sharma (“Content based value added services for mobile customers”). This version is been modified a bit with add on information as extra content no alteration done to original content. In the telecom industry, competition comes not only from other operators, but “new frenemies” like […]


FinTech – A True Fairytale

Almost all players who entered into payments in arena of FinTech domain are actually coming out of this game park with zero or no knowledge. This is giving too much innovation to put idea on table but takes longer to make it reality. Technical companies entering financial domain and making it interesting by doing technical integration, or “fintegration”, of fintech services, the latter interfacing directly to bank customers for

NFC – Channel to Mobile Payments

Abstract : This written by Sheetal Sharma on linkedin on Sept 28, 2014 “NFC-Channel to Mobile Payments“. From the perception majority of the market say Apple pay is the repetition but again since its coming from tech giant like Apple so it has to succeed. Also point to be […]