Value-added Services to Mobile Customers

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Originally written  by Sheetal Sharma (“Content based value added services for mobile customers”). This version is been modified a bit with add on information as extra content no alteration done to original content. In the telecom industry, competition comes not only from other operators, but “new frenemies” like OTT (over-the-top) services like Netflix and Hulu, VoIP providers like Skype, Viber, What’s app and walled digital content gardens like application stores and streaming music services.

Telcos face flat growth due to market maturity and saturation and the commoditisation of connectivity services and mobile devices. To counteract these business challenges, telecom companies in all markets must look to VAS (value-added services) to differentiate themselves, attract new customers and boost margins and ARPU (average revenue per user)..


Content Based services are on rise example educational content for school , kinder gardens & university books at very cheap rate , health services TIPS , Information technology TIPS , Day to day life TIPS , Astrology , Managing Relations TIPS , Business TIPS , Financial Advise etc and many many more.

Challenge for Content providers is to ensure contents are market specific , location specific and each subscriber profile specific otherwise it would be nuisance for subscriber.

Study from google search shows, One example provided in the webinar is Orange France’s partnership with streaming music service Deezer. The partnership boosted Deezer’s French subscriber base from 25,000 to over 1.2 million. Orange brings its audience, billing, and analytics to the table, and reaps the benefits of a more compelling sales offering and increased data usage among subscribers.

In Next article we will talk on specific content items.

This article has contribution from Sheetal as part of this post comes from her post from last year in linkedin.


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