Month: April 2016

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The Ultimate Destiny: Exploring The Concept Of Heat Death in The Universe

The concept of heat death in the universe provides us with a thought-provoking glimpse into the vast timescales and the ultimate fate that awaits our cosmos. It challenges our understanding of energy, time, and existence itself. While the precise details of this destiny remain a subject of ongoing scientific inquiry, the exploration of heat death serves as a reminder of the transient nature of our universe and the significance of our place within it.

Digitised Bank Payments – Their Struggle Saga with Friend FinTech

MNO’s speed to achieve their goal to standardise, automate, digitise, remove boundaries by brining cross order financial/remittances service in form of payments, cash, airtime, paperless and online. At the same time banks are still in their canteens with their coffee mugs without any sign of worry but in reality all African banks face tough challenges from MNO’s & Fintech players.