Month: February 2018

Blockchain – The Strong Backbone for Businesses

Total Reading Time – 7-8 Minutes Stuart Habber and W. Scott Stornetta authored a paper in 1991 detailing the preservation and protection of past data through the use of cryptography. This can be called as foundation of Blockchain. What is Blockchain Technology? How one blockchain can have Infinite […]


Can Cybersecurity be Entrusted with AI?

AI in CyberSecurity – Artificial Intelligence’s subsets i.e Machine Learning and Deep Learning are helping to fight with cyber attacks but the same time are used to work as tool of attacks. We will be discussing this interesting phenomena in this post though this is the first post […]

Data Intelligence as a Service – DataIntelligence

There are certain market dynamics which determine the growth of the data and its related analytics.  Thats where Data Intelligence’s adaptive dynamics comes into play to assess the factors driving organisation to adapt their existing, profitable lines of business. This help them stay relevant in the future of the rapidly evolving world and enormous helper for Blue Ocean shift strategy.