Month: July 2019

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Saturn: Surprising and Captivating Facts Beyond the Rings

The sixth celestial body or planet from the Sun and the next biggest planet in our solar system is Saturn, trailing only behind Jupiter. Humans have been fascinated by the mesmerizing world of Saturn for ages. Saturn is renowned for its stunning circular structure, and it is an enormous gaseous planet that holds a plethora of captivating mysteries.

Fintech's Evolution

Credit Bureau and eKYC: Powerful Integration in FinTech VAS Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, the fusion of e-KYC and Credit Bureau services marks a groundbreaking paradigm shift. This synergy is not merely a technological convergence; it’s a strategic alliance shaping the future of FinTech VAS (Value-Added Services). By seamlessly integrating Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) processes with the extensive insights offered by Credit Bureau services, a powerful ecosystem emerges.

Machine Learning

Top Machine Learning Algorithms – Data Scientist Basic Tool Kit

Learning Machine Learning skills is widely seen as a game-changing advantage for organizations, especially those with data-driven operations, as it has the potential to provide significant benefits. Nowadays, the most common term used to describe digital communication tools is social media platforms. The main aim of this written communication is to explicate and exemplify the prominent machine learning algorithms.