Artificial Intelligence– A buzz word of today’s time which is used by almost every business and every industry of the modern world.  Sir Andrew Ng has compared it as new electricity of every business without which they cant survive. Almost very As the company is investing in advance analytics and in artificial intelligence. This is resulting in great pressure on engineers to deploy and pull our real & meaning full use cases for real-life business.

Artificial Intelligence As A Transformative Technology



What is Artificial intelligence?

If you use a smartphone and it instinctively recommends your applications that suit your needs, you have already come across the powers of artificial intelligence. From voice assistants to self-driving cars, this technology has opened several doors for mankind. It has helped us reach higher levels of advancement, but that is just the beginning.

The current form of artificial intelligence is purely preliminary software. Scientists believe that this technology is still in the beginning stages, and further developments can have the capacity for changing the world. The current technology or weak AI can easily surpass human capabilities, while its more advanced forms have the power to make human workers obsolete.

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AI projects are just popping up more quickly and at greater scale across the enterprise. Find below some of the pros and cons of AI.


The Pros

  1. It is available 24/7 – Machines do not require breaks, thus human errors are minimised, and the work output can be increased. It also provides a uniform output, which humans might not be able to offer.
  2. Regular applications – If you own a smartphone, you know the possibilities are endless with its software. These qualities are made possible by AI. Voice assistants, GPS…the power of artificial intelligence stays right in your palm, right inside that tiny device. Several algorithms work simultaneously in these smartphones like facial recognition, Geo-tagging, fingerprint scanning and so on. 
  3. Assistance – Millions of people use Siri or Alexa on a daily basis. They are cognitive and have great adaptability although they are simply machines. AI helps these voice assistants make your life easy. They have the ability to recognise your voice and give you personalised feedback.

All good things have flaws. Just like that, AI has faced some serious criticism. All the above pointers help to identify the positive sides we believe will have as a good impact on the future of AI.

Now looking at the dark side of AI, identifying the resources that are needed to deliver projects in the most efficient and effective way possible looks merely impossible. Along with the above-stated pros, the cons are in the following list.


The Cons

  1. Expensive – Most critics point out that the quest for advancement in technology and usability sometimes overlooks the fact that billions of dollars are invested in such ventures, money that could be used otherwise to feed the poor or invest in the education system. The labour cost of scientists that work on such technologies has skyrocketed in recent times, which subsequently increases the overall cost.
  2. Affects human interactions – Humans are expected to interact with one another by virtue of living in groups for thousands of years. But with the recent boom in AI, human interactions have hit rock bottom. They are much lazier and that is detrimental to their health. These inventions are highly addictive and this results in unconditional dependency.
  3. Unemployment – AI has been accused of making human labour obsolete. It provides better work output with minimised errors. This is directly proportional to the loss of jobs for the labour class. This leads to thousands of unemployed humans and the economy goes down the drain.
  4. Unimaginative – Machines are generally allocated a task and are expected to do it until the fuel runs out. This disables any out-of-the-box thinking and simultaneously slows down progress and development.

Artificial intelligence might seem like the next big thing, but it is not exempted from the juxtaposition of good and evil. But arriving at a conclusion is only possible if there is a future to look forward to. Would you want to live a far advanced lifestyle or be ruled by robots? The choice is sadly not yours. 

AI is no longer in its incumbency as its already out and started crawling. Almost every single company is now in the race to get their share to improve their products and services. Most companies are looking at AI and its bundle technologies from the cost reduction and automation perspective. AI going to plat a major role in efficiency and decision-making.


Points to Note:

All credits if any remains on the original contributor only. The guest author has covered the basic pointers around artificial intelligence and its challenges. Machine Learning is all about data, computing power and algorithms to look for information. How machine can do more than just translation this is covered in Generative Adversarial Networks. A family of artificial neural networks.


Feedback & Further Question

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