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Convergence: ePayments, MFS, AI and IN Systems

Market dynamics are evolving, especially with mobile network operator market restructuring and prepaid market changes. A more drastic change in the SIM market was triggered by Apple’s eSIM announcement, which is aimed at adding more value to its own platform. MNOs typically have many platforms, starting with IN (OCS), billing, electronic recharge, physical vouchers, mobile money, mobile banking, and mobile financial and commerce services systems.

2015 Year Of Convergence – MFS, IN with AI and Data Science

The 3GPP OCS is heading toward multiple charging access provisions for networks bearing different services. To meet network evolution demands, the OCS’s internal components should be further abstracted and modularized. Payments from various channels, i.e., proximity (POS, mPOS, NFC, thin SIM, ultrasound), the Internet, USSD, SMS, ATM, or agents, can be embedded as separate modules that will keep a tap and record of each transaction, create temporary wallets in buffers before moving to actual wallets, move temporary wallets from buffer to trash, and write logs.

NFC as a Payment Channel in Mobile Financial Services

Why cant you and me get some small dust out of it. NFC is use since ages but never gorton attraction and attention we all know technically NFC is a wireless communication technology that permits data transfer over distances of up to 10 cm based on the ISO/IEC 18092 standard. Based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, it has been used in various industries including retail, automobile, medical, transportation, and manufacturing.