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Mobile Payments: No Longer An Alternate

Alternate Payment Method i.e Mobile Payments – We are living in an era of digital life. Almost everyone has a mobile device in their hand but “how do we” and “for what we” use it, may differ. Some devices are equipped with more innovative and life-changing features, which […]

Apple Pay: Was Innovation or Repetition

Apple Pay– NFC based mobile payment service got positioned as a strategic service to drive demand for products other than payments services. Mobile money as a network-operated platform for financial services is playing a huge role in many economies. Like in the past, the emergence of new services and infrastructure (bridges, […]

Mobile Money vs Mobile Banking

Mobile Money and Mobile Banking are viewed under the same umbrella and are currently encapsulated in a financial world which is either too complicated or is viewed as complicated. Mobile money requires phone number as account number while Mobile banking requires bank account number as primary transaction identity. As far as Mobile Money and Mobile Banking are concerned