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Introduction To Mobile Banking Services

Mobile banking (including mobile airtime top-up services), on the other hand, is when a financial institution allows its customers to conduct financial transactions on their bank account via a mobile device. Mobile banking, also known as M-banking, basically allows a user to operate a bank account using their mobile phone.

NFC as a Payment Channel in Mobile Financial Services

Why cant you and me get some small dust out of it. NFC is use since ages but never gorton attraction and attention we all know technically NFC is a wireless communication technology that permits data transfer over distances of up to 10 cm based on the ISO/IEC 18092 standard. Based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, it has been used in various industries including retail, automobile, medical, transportation, and manufacturing.

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Unlocking the Power of Mobile Financial Services – Innovations and Trends

Contemporary technological advancements, specifically the utilization of artificial intelligence, have engendered diverse prospects for financial institutions to initiate modernization and overhaul their provisions. The incorporation of artificial intelligence technology within the banking industry has the potential to transform the traditional banking system into a more efficient, customer-oriented, and cost-effective model.

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Women in Financial Inclusion – Why women Needs To Be In

Nigeria & South Africa is better in terms of women getting rights on what they deserve than DRC or Kenya different. This phenomena can be compared with almost all advertisement depicting a clock standing still in one place such as ten minutes past to ten as its most appealing to human minds. Giving best and large enough space for advertisements to be displayed clearly if forty minutes past four is chosen will also give the same scope but does not appeal well.

Mobile Money and Mobile Payments  – Intro to MFS

Mobile Money and Mobile Payments – Mobile Financial Services or FinTech Intelligence platform usually allows various users to access its services. Service access channels are […]