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FinTech & Indonesia

Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan or OJK) a government agency, which regulates and supervises the financial services sector, has finally issued a regulation on financial technology (Fintech) firms that run peer-to-peer (P2P) lending businesses in Indonesia. On the other hand Bitcoin penetrates deeper into Indonesian market, exciting times. In August 2016 in Tangerang, Indonesia OJK was preparing for regulations to support financial technology businesses. Financial regulators


Mobile Money – Mobile Payments

The mobile payments platform usually allows various users to access services via multiple channels like Web, Mobile App, POS, USSD, NFC, QR Codes and SMS etc. Against escalating security threats on mobile payments, empowerment of merchants, acquirers, and service providers with new commerce opportunities and experiences in store […]

Connected or Online – Life

Today LIFE is all about connection and connected stuff and some time it appears if no connection no life and what was life just 10 years back everything was so simple like I red some time back on facebook ” Life was very simple and easy when Black […]

Live the Best Life – Game Trap

Some Background – Game trap This post is on game trap of money focused on my own assumptions and experience. Understanding driven purely from the prospective of my ability to correlate the offerings and reasoning on the offerings by various governments of different countries. Governments of lost or […]