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Financial Technology or FinTech or mobile financial services industry is significantly controlled by regional technology vendors. It seems more like a technological endeavour as a profit-driven venture than a purely novel business idea to lift society up for financial inclusion. The reason for this is solely due to the strict regulations and the Ministry of Innovation being either absent or under-appreciated. 

The Mobile Money and Mobile Payments Outlook report has shown that traditional financial services are being severely disrupted, but the focus has unfortunately shifted towards a profit-driven approach. My first book is coming up soon: “Mobile Money Demystified”.

Artificial Intelligence – Disrupting Factor For Financial Market

With the aid of artificial intelligence, we expect to witness and encounter substantial enhancements in human intelligence now and in the future. There is an increasingly notable pattern of artificial intelligence being implemented in a range of applications.

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Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems that have the ability to emulate and expand upon human intelligence in areas such as problem-solving and learning.

At first, the notion was to establish a precise definition of human intelligence and devise technology to mimic it appropriately.

Currently, both technical and non-technical enterprises are dedicating resources to showcase the practical advantages of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday routine.

A new variation of the Payment i.e. Payments Intelligence (Payments plus Artificial Intelligence) System, can open a lot of opportunities for young entrepreneurs and boost the economy of the nation. Artificial intelligence is here to make FinTech better, demystified, and simple. How payment intelligence will become better with machine learning. We will experience it soon.

AI is now a technology or new method of doing business and it’s cutting across all industries. A bigger impact is coming on Banking, FinTech, Insurance, and analytics domain.

Physics – Why it is so Important

The importance of physics should not be underestimated! Without it, we would have no explanation for why things happen within the natural world. Not only that, but it is a key ingredient when it comes to understanding the universe and the ways in which nature operates. If physics were to suddenly disappear, we would all be quite lost. After all, without our scientific knowledge of the world around us, how would we ever get through a day without asking ourselves why the sky turns blue? Why does a ball roll instead of hopping? Where do rainbows come from? What does gravity really do? Physics has all the answers and more!

Ah, the ABCs of Physics! It’s like opening a window to the chaotic wonderland of the universe! From the physical matter and energy that make up the building blocks of creation, to the dynamic qualities of objects in motion .

The fundamental principles that regulate the behavior of matter and energy at all levels, ranging from subatomic particles to the vast universe, are the focus of the physics discipline. Just like your parents regulating your behavior as a child, physics is the law of the land. In the realm of physics, the concept of force carries considerable significance at its core – that’s why we refer to Newton’s laws as the ‘iron fist’ of science! No matter how small or large an object is, gravitational pull, inertia and momentum are always in action. Now if only we could get our children to obey those same laws…

Photography – Capture And Store, What Cant Be Reproduce

Worldwide development in the Technology sector is happening almost every day, and “Change” is the only constant factor or critical stakeholder in this industry. The realm of photography is no different, and it presents endless possibilities, where capturing moments, emotions, and landscapes holds the power to freeze time and immortalize memories.

Go ahead and capture life’s beauty with any camera – your artistic journey should never die but should be captivating and effortless!

Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4

Digital photography as we know has its own league with an extraordinarily different architecture than other technologies. In my point of view everyone should embrace the magic of any camera without breaking the bank or making any extreme sacrifices! Just like how good relationships should feel effortless.

The camera is a tool to take out your creativity journey like soothing breeze. Imagine the camera lens as a piece of pure marvel, like a spirited racehorse ready to dash into action. Allow you to focus on dance of lights, capturing every detail and magnifying the world around you. In a dynamic world around us, the mirrorless or DSLR camera emerges as a groundbreaking companion, blending remarkable portability with an adventure-ready might that redefines the way we perceive and capture the world around us.

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We’re on the brink of a new age where human interactions, our innate understanding (natural intelligence), and underlying dynamics will undergo significant transformation due to cutting-edge technologies resulted from fusion of like Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks), Physics (theoretical and practical) Blockchain (ensuring trust and seamless digital asset management), Scientific and mathematical theories, Smart Apps, and the power of Big Data.

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The groundbreaking combinations of innovations are reshaping our approach to conducting business and interacting with the global landscape, unlocking thrilling prospects for progress and development.

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