Mobile Payments – Some Little Known Facts

Mobile Payments – Customer interfaces like NFC, USSD, Mobile App and SMS for payments via mobile are in existence for a long time. In-spite of this reality some banks and retailers are still not willing to participate fully. They have legacy reasons like fear of low adoption rate and […]

Digital Money - Adapting to a Cashless Payments Ecosystem

Digital Money – Adapting to a Cashless Payments Ecosystem

Payments industry of today has transformed into Payment-Intelligence and this intelligence came after a handshake with artificial intelligence and its bundle technologies. It would not be wrong if we compare it with either payment war, payment jungle or even just payment storm. The disruption in mobile payments domain brought in by well-known technology campus boys i.e. Apple, Android, Microsoft & Samsung can’t be ignored. Though all of them have no prior experience or knowledge in the banking industry. Yet these guys manage to force us to adopt digital money and discard the papers.