AI Reinventing Banks and Banking

Banks to set themselves on for new financial, banking and innovative business. What would have been considered impossible until a few years ago –transforming themselves from impassable monoliths to nimbler organisations, open to new kinds of partnerships. But as we would soon see, Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) rather than Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) more aptly describes banks’ strategy of providing public APIs and development portals.

Live the Best Life – Game Trap

Game Trap – Governments of lost or dying economies offering residentship, passports and nationality by showing gloomy pictures. These offerings are made against the capacity to make huge and significant investments in the country. This post is on a game trap of money focused on my own assumptions […]

United Colours of Payments

United Colours of Payments

Colours of Payments – Disruption brought in payment industry by Apple, Android, Microsoft & Samsung and many players as now as “Pay”. “Pay” word is a very favourite word for any company to come up with payment solution so to my best of understanding and knowledge in today’s […]