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How to Friends with Statistics and MachineLearning

While there may be variances in methodology between machine learning and statistics, these distinctions do not sever the alliance between the two fields. The contrast lies in the fact that machine learning prioritizes enhancing efficiency and achieving optimal results, while the others focus on sample size, population, and developing hypotheses. The primary focus of machine learning is on producing accurate forecasts, even if the explanations behind those predictions are not easily comprehensible.

Data Science of Payments

How come my bank knows what I am going to buy next, how come my internet browser offering me add on something which I was searching on google few minutes or days backs. How  do they know my voice or can recognize my picture without any human intervention. Answer is much simpler then it looks or simpler then  the complexity of out own thought process. Use of deep learning

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The Science of Credit: Deciphering & Building The Credit Algorithms

Credit algorithms are really important in deciding how much money we can get or how much we can spend. Complicated math models are used to figure out credit scores and decide who can borrow money. Knowing how credit scoring works can help people to manage their money better and make smart choices.