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Fintech's Blue Ocean Strategy

Fintech’s Blue Ocean Strategy: Revolutionizing Financial Accessibility and Powerful Customer Experience

As Fintech ventures navigate the competitive market, the application of the GMPI- Growth, Maintain, Protect, and Improve framework emerges as the Blue Ocean strategy, propelling companies to explore uncharted territories and redefine the financial services landscape. The assimilation of the GMPI framework within the Blue Ocean strategy not only redefines the modus operandi of Fintech enterprises but also sets the stage for an era of transformative technological advancements and unparalleled customer experiences,

Blockchain – The Strong Backbone for Businesses

It is a protocol like any other and reminds me of swarm intelligence. The architecture of blockchain presents a more secure way of saving and securing data. On one hand, this can reduce fraud on other hands it reduces transaction processing times and fees in the financial domain. Blockchain in the financial domain is used for below purposes (few examples)

Why Data is best for Blue Ocean Shift?

BOSS – Blue Ocean Shift Strategy can actually help and create vision to focus on areas such as AI, blockchain for education, health & agriculture, create ecosystems using BigData analytics and IoT. To capture a quick snapshot of this strategy, certainly, Big Data appears to be most effective and efficient driver for Blue Ocean Strategy. Based on a limited set….

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Business and Innovation: A Powerful Foundation for Blue Ocean and Red Ocean Strategy Success

To describe and objectively analyze the differences between the Blue Ocean Strategy as a continuous process and the Red Ocean Strategy as a tactical projects. In other words its easy to say that Blue Ocean Strategy is a continuous process of innovation and market creation, while Red Ocean Strategy typically involves specific projects aimed at competing more effectively within existing markets.