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Neural networks

What are Neural Networks? | Strong and Jovial Plain Text

The human brain is an impressive feat of cognitive engineering, giving us the upper-hand when it comes to coming up with original ideas and concepts. We’ve even managed to create the wheel – something that not even our robot friends could do! This shows just how far we’ve come in terms of evolution – proving that humans are true masters of invention.

Top 5 Deep Learning Applications on Social Media For Businesses

How do top brands create content that is always appealing and filled with a sense of humor to go viral in no time?  Advanced tools help businesses understand their competitors and build new strategies to outrank them with better brand positioning. And how do social media platforms offer you intelligent recommendations?

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Deep learning – Introduction to Powerful Deep Reinforcement Learning

Through the use of deep neural networks, the agent can learn directly from raw data, enabling it to handle high-dimensional input spaces and complex decision-making processes. Deep Reinforcement Learning finds practical applications in robotics, gaming, natural language processing, and other fields where autonomous decision-making is crucial.