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Data Analytics Basics – Introduction to Data Science For Marketeers

How AI and ML are now changing the work style and methodologies of marketing. Digital marketing cannot be run as just a computerised version of the traditional market or print media. The main and exciting use cases of data science and big data analytics are exciting and make the marketing job even more exciting. Some may say it’s getting more of a technology job as now it involves predicting, prescribing, planning, and forecasting.

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Analytics: The Role Of Data In Digital Marketing

The use of digital marketing analytics is crucial in generating insightful data that aids informed decision-making in business. The conducted investigations hold meaningful implications that can be translated into meticulously crafted hypotheses. Marketers are utilizing various theories related to big data analytics to create and refine significant performance indicators for businesses. Businesses could reap numerous benefits from a sudden upswing in website traffic, such as the potential acquisition of fresh business leads, bolstering of brand identity, and stimulation of customer engagement.