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IoT Development – The Next Wave of Innovative Connectivity

IoT Development – IoT as a technology has come a long way since its inception. In the beginning, there were many sceptics who were doubtful about its potential. But, thanks to innovative IoT development, it has paved its way into several industries. The Internet is inundated with glowing […]

Digital Wallets: Innovation vs Security

Similarly American insurance companies are coming up with insurance technology or Insurtech based on this childhood joke basing business cases on same concept, offering dental insurance and mouth insurance based on data taken from toothbrush tracking. Security & privacy is gone if security does not match the speed and pace. In the start of the post I mentioned technology is good and will happen without a doubt but other critical factors should also come along not only technology.

MNO Charging & Billing Systems

Telecom subscribers are getting smarter (so it’s not only the handset which is getting smarter haan!!!), demanding more and more and, at the same time many new players are entering the marketplace. To compete in this environment, operators have to not only maintain but also grow their part of the new value chain to gain loyal customers and adding new blended services which are ridding on their investment/infrastructure made during all those time