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Artificial Intelligence –The Technology Transformation Has Just Begun

Future Technology – Technology in today’s time has seen new heights. The way our lives have changed is unpredictable and unimaginable. While we may not […]

Artificial Intelligence – Some Basic Pointers

Artificial Intelligence– A buzz word of today’s time which is used by almost every business and every industry of the modern world.  Sir Andrew Ng […]

Artificial Neural Networks – Debunking The Myth

Debunking The Myth – Before we embark on this high-level journey, let’s understand and take the fact for granted. Artificial neural networks do not work […]

Data Science – Barriers and Challenges

Barriers and Challenges– There is no doubt in the fact that data science has really influenced everything we do these days. From technology to automation, […]

Data Revolution – Performing Analytics at The Edge

Data Revolution – Almost every company is now in a race of data revolution, call it madness or an ideology but this is one of […]

Machine Learning – Changing Payments Security Landscape

Payments Security Landscape – The risk of info security on data, application logic, and financial value losses are continually growing fast. For this reason, Artificial […]

2019 The Year of AI & Digital Transformation

The Year 2019– After infusing their presence into our life for almost fifty years plus, AI and machine learning have actually now become part of daily […]

Deep Learning (DL) - Everything You need To Know

Deep Learning (DL) – Introduction to Basics

AILabPage defines Deep learning is “Undeniably a mind-blowing synchronisation technique applied on data with computing power, skills and experience which practically has no limits“.

The Ultimate Intuitive Guide To FinTech Intelligence

The Ultimate Intuitive Guide to FinTech Intelligence

AILabPage define FinTech as “Technology applied to automate, speedup and secure financial system with its own standards chiefly used by financial institutions”. Financial institution here can be Bank, FinTech services company or mobile financial services provided.

SECaaS - Security as a Service Is the Next Big Thing

SECaaS – Security as a Service Is the Next Big Thing

Security as a Service (SeCaaS) – The ability, privacy and the confidentiality of information must be … Artificial Intelligence (AI) and especially Machine Learning (ML)… are growing fast and are making it possible to simulate …