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2019 The Year of AI & Digital Transformation

Eventually, AI will free up humans for higher-value tasks and drive employment. In the end, a powerful position will be created by AI for companies who believe and trust in it. A great value and product proposition will be created to add value for its customers, end users, and investors simultaneously.

Mobile Data - Driven By AI and Optimise by Data Science

Mobile Data – Driven By AI and Optimise by Data Science

AI-driven mobile data monitoring and offerings are now escalating the usage. Use of artificial intelligence, internet of things on blockchain based security will penetrate big data analytics with machine learning algorithms and going to transform the internet and its usage to a level which is difficult to predict today.

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Physics – What’s So Great | Why Study

If all of humanity were spatially compressed to occupy a singular location while simultaneously evacuating any interatomic voids, the resultant volume would be contained within a minute sugar cube of meager dimensions. The associated mass of this configuration would be approximately 5 billion tons due to marked increases in density.