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HLR and MSC Powerful Backbone for SMSC

In short, HLR is the MVP of SMS. It’s the facilitator that ensures smooth and uninterrupted communication among different mobile networks. Without it, we’d be lost in a sea of unanswered messages and undelivered texts. So, next time you send an SMS, give a little thanks to HLR for making it all possible.

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USSD – Why Does It Matter

USSD is a means for conveying brief messages through an unstructured supplementary services data channel. This particular protocol is utilized by GSM networks worldwide. A compressed USSD message is able to facilitate live interaction between a mobile gadget and additional external gadgets, like a network or server. The upper limit of characters it can contain falls between 140 to 182. The USSD operates in a similar way as the SMS; yet, the user’s device does not retain the messages. To utilize this functionality, individuals can input a numerical value, succeeded by an asterisk, such as the string “*123#”.