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Artificial Intelligence as a Service – AIaaS

AI is a friendly technology that is here to be accepted without fail and all future products will be based on AI. How AI will be transforming the future of finTech. How ever the question which keep bothering me is “AIaaS” are we not missing the fact that artificial intelligence is about people, not machines? Technology and non-technology companies are now investing in and bringing the real and materialistic values of artificial intelligence to the real world. It’s almost after a frustrating and hard decade.

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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

As per professor Andrew machine learning is a revolution in history of man kind first one was where machines came and took our basic jobs to make us faster and our life easy. Now to me this second one is coming to make us lazy and heavily dependent.  The technique that made easy work easy possibly is no longer AI, but something mundane.

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Cosmology: Origin, Evolution, and Structure of The Universe

Cosmological models, such as the inflationary model and the Lambda-CDM model, offer valuable frameworks to comprehend the vast complexities of the universe. As we continue to push the boundaries of scientific exploration, cosmology continues to inspire us with its profound questions and the potential to unlock the secrets of our existence.

Machine Learning as a Service – MLaaS

Whoever has the best sense for choosing, organizing, uniqueness to  combine machine and human skills outlook  from the  services to collect, clean and label data sets its a market for them that’s just getting started and millions yes billions of dollars are waiting

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Theoretical Physics – Powerful, Dangerous and Useful

Theoretical physics uses higher mathematical models and conceptual frameworks based on physical phenomena to gain insight into and anticipate the workings of our world. The intricate elements of the cosmos can only be understood through a thorough investigation of theoretical physics. It is imperative that we study this subject for the advancement of both our culture and scientific progress. What is a must for building this knowledge? The answer is simple, i.e., a solid hold on mathematics.

Data Science of Payments

How come my bank knows what I am going to buy next, how come my internet browser offering me add on something which I was searching on google few minutes or days backs. How  do they know my voice or can recognize my picture without any human intervention. Answer is much simpler then it looks or simpler then  the complexity of out own thought process. Use of deep learning

Machine Learning in Fintech- Demystified

The financial services industry has already implemented machine learning. Numerous fields utilize it, including intricate solutions such as thwarting fraudulent activities, assessing risks, obtaining a deeper knowledge of customers, and enhancing the medical industry, among other applications. The wide-ranging issue of generating intelligence has been subdivided into various components, each of which has become a distinct area of research dedicated to addressing its unique challenges.

ISO-12812 Made MFS Easy for FinTech

ISO-12812 primarily targets the industry in dire need of attention. Possible paraphrases: – There is a need for systems and rules that govern international or global activities. – The international community requires mechanisms and standards to manage and oversee various operations. – From a global perspective, it is important to establish frameworks and policies that control and regulate different aspects. The promotion and assurance of consumers’ protection are being prioritized through the ISO-12812 standards for mobile financial services, including mobile money, payments, banking, etc.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Computers start simulating the brain’s sensation, action, interaction, perception and cognition abilities. Blockchain is a new approach to manage/monitor financial and other transactions, Guarding an innovation department or powerhouse lab is a smart setup

Big Data for FinTech and InsureTech

Automating policy administration, & claims pay out to bring big smile on customer face, improving distribution via marketplaces. The wide variety of data volumes generated by FinTech, InsureTech and MedTech is inspiring for data scientists (I simply love this and would feel very happy to play with it if I ever get access to this), executives, product managers and marketers.

International Remittances Outlook

Migration and remittances represent numbers and facts behind the stories of international migration and remittances. Remittances have an impact across the globe, but growth in Africa has lagged behind other regions. The importance of remittances from the African Diaspora and its problems are very different from those of the rest of the world. African per capita income is now increasing in tandem with other developing countries as African immigrants are highly skilled workers.

Payments – Innovation & Info-security

infrastructure of the payment solution without having to worry about the currency or country I am in, the amount in my payment instrument, the service provider, the recipient, the time zone, the language, the nature of the transaction, or the payment amount. The consensus among experts is that this factor plays a significant role in the market’s growth over both the short and long term. Incorporating the category of payments made through mobile devices.

Digital Payments – Security vs Speed

Abstract – In Digital payments world million dollar question comes in at every stage what is more important security or speed (Performance & Ease). Financial system security design principles can be organized into logical groups, for example, least privilege is a principle and appears

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2: The Perfect Travel Companion With Portability and Power

The Fujifilm X-T2 is a favorite among enthusiasts and professional photographers alike, thanks to its impressive image quality, versatile features, and stylish design. It is well-suited for a wide range of photography genres, including landscape, portrait, street, and travel photography.

Transformation of Payments

Transformation of Payments

Digital transformation can detect potentially fraudulent operations and minimize risks. It can also help large organizations such as banks not only to secure their business but also fight crimes. How payment needs reinventing banking? How need of fast payments created Mobile