To make an enquiry about a speaking engagement just contact me @Vinod Sharma. If you are interested in knowing more about my self, blog, work or contributions to FinTech, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence for FinTech, or Telecom world. The illustrations of my work, keynote presentations, and blogs are available for free. About-VinodWhile providing the best ways to get in touch is an essential part of the contact page, there should be a little more thought put into it. No matter what industry or field you’re involved with, an amazing but simple and crystal clear. 

vins-reunionContact page has the ability to entice visitors and convince them to either make a contact or ask any question about your area of expertise or be it anything. Send your suggestion / questions / query / feedback / comments to me @Vinod Sharma. My blog link is here Blog.  I have my Linkedin Profile Page which I update on regular basis. Also my Facebook Page which gets updated through live feedback from my blog and linkedin work is worth to look at. On my Twitter Page ; I tweet any thing but of-course what is worth to read. I am an independent commentator/blogger/keynote speaker in Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Nets, Deep Learning, Data Science, Big Data, and Fintech domains through my blog and live conferences.

My main focus is on to show how AI and its subfields i.e. ML, ANN and DL can be used for real life business (mainly in FinTech) rather then just being part of PHD and scholar study materiel. I am an author of my upcoming book Digital Financial IT Games (2018).