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Epicenter of eCommerce – Artificial Intelligence

Global e-commerce activity is expanding fast with developing economies gaining prominence. E-Commerce: Payments through mobile, internet and cards – This has vastly transformed the way […]

ISO-12812 Made MFS Easy for FinTech

The discussion for our post focus around Mobile Money, Mobile Payments i.e person to person, person to business etc. New ISO standard 12812, recently appeared in 2017. This standard has 5 parts and part-1 defines the general framework of

Remittances – Game changer for economic development

If just for a minute we can assume every person on this planet has mobile phone, every mobile user has a bank account/wallet, every bank account is created instantly, virally and at no cost, No bank charges exist,

Transformation of Payments

Digital transformation can detect potentially fraudulent operations and minimize risks. It can also help large organizations such as banks not only to secure their business but also fight crimes. How payment needs reinventing banking? How need of fast payments created Mobile

2017 Year of AI & Digital Payments

Some segmentations & light on payments market. Abstract – I wish you all a very happy New Year 2017. Writing this post from La Reunion. […]

Mobile Money – Mobile Payments

The mobile payments platform usually allows various users to access services via multiple channels like Web, Mobile App, POS, USSD, NFC, QR Codes and SMS […]

Banking the next billion unbanked

Got the chance to speak with Africa Business Review Team to answer there questions on few aspects of African market related to FinTech, Mobile Financial […]

FinTech – Mobile Money – Mobile Payments – Banking (Not Bank)

Did you remembered my post from June-2014,  Will – Banks ever be successful in Mobile Money or Payments ?. Enjoyed a great panel on #fintech […]

Financial inclusion (Finclusion) – Need or Opportunity

Abstract – Financial inclusion in a simple language can be defined as “Ensuring access to basic banking services (Provided by any bank’s banking services or […]

Mobile Money – Subscribers (Thoughts & Experience)

Abstract: This article focuses on how & what mobile money subscriber thinks and experience in their life span of mobile money journey. Lot has been […]