Guest Blogging Rules

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This blog is manage by AILabPage.

We are happy to host your Guest Blog. We can publish your blog post basis on the below mentioned rules.


  • Guest blog content can not talk / link to  pornography, politics, child abuse, women insult or anything which shows woman as lower then men, violence or betting.
  • All links or offensive language if any will be removed.
  • The content must be detailed and unique.
  • If a guest author wants to link to his/her guest post from his/her own site, that’s fine with us.
  • We give credit for writing the post or allow showcasing your masterpiece. Also include your short bio in the post.
  • We will own the content with your name as Author. We will be allowed  to do whatever we want to do with the content.
  • Spamming, negative review or remarks about any company name is not allowed
  • Any claim of any partnership with big brands i.e Apple, Samsung etc needs their written permission.
  • We are  happy to put 2 back links in one post to one website only.
  • We would be mentioning a disclaimer as “Guest Blog Post”; no endorsement or suggestion from the blog owner side.
  • There would be a disclaimer on top of the post i.e  “THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT NEITHER IS REFERENCE OR MARKETING CAMPAIGN etc”, exact language will come from our legal team at AILabPage.
In case of generic post without any link or reference or any particular individual or company name with no copy wright images can be published for free (Subject to review).
Happy Blogging
Thanks !!
AILabPage Team