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SECaaS - Security as a Service Is the Next Big Thing

SECaaS – Security as a Service Is the Next Big Thing

SECaas – Security as a Service. Current risk on info security, data and financial value loss continually is growing fast. At the same time this is getting identified, managed and mitigated as well. Some cyber attacks are never been reported and some are still unknown to the companies. […]


Harnessing Technology To Kill User Privacy

Somebody mentioned it to me some time back and I laughed then. The day you decided to come online you actually accepted “No to privacy”. Now its even worse as we can even use radio signals to see through walls so no need to be online. Signals now can be used to monitor a person’s precise movements through a solid wall. What else and  how far we will go cant answer now. But all these development for sure has its pros and cons sides.

Can Cybersecurity be Entrusted with AI?

AI in CyberSecurity – Artificial Intelligence’s subsets i.e Machine Learning and Deep Learning are helping to fight with cyber attacks but the same time are used to work as tool of attacks. We will be discussing this interesting phenomena in this post though this is the first post […]