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Convergence – Intelligent System, Mobile Data Charging, AI and PCRF

Convergence – My last post created some typical requests from regular readers about simplifying the post. As most of the reader mentioned it was too technical and difficult to understand, “PCRF the Liberator for Mobile Data Charging”. Here I am again attempting to make every effort to address […]


PCRF the Liberator for Mobile Data Charging

PCRF – Policy and Charging Rules Function not too old concept introduced in last quarter of year 2007. When standards for the 3GPP Policy Charging Control (PCC) architecture were published. According to the 3GPP standard architecture up to Release 9, a Charging System was not supposed to interact […]

MNO Charging & Billing Systems

Telecom subscribers are getting smarter (so it’s not only the handset which is getting smarter haan!!!), demanding more and more and, at the same time many new players are entering the marketplace. To compete in this environment, operators have to not only maintain but also grow their part of the new value chain to gain loyal customers and adding new blended services which are ridding on their investment/infrastructure made during all those time

The Future of Mobile Value-Added Services

Value Added Services – In the telecom industry, competition comes not only from other mobile network operators but also from “new frenemies” like OTT (over-the-top) players. Services like Netflix, Hulu, VoIP providers like Skype, What’s App and walled digital content gardens have excellent application stores for streaming services. With […]