Value-added Services – The world of telephony comprises a vast array of rivals, which include companies that offer online services like Skype and Netflix and merchants that sell digital commodities such as music and apps. In today’s world, advancement and creative ideas are seen as essential success factors, yet they can pose difficulties.

This article endeavors to present a new group of people who possess skills in using technology to tackle significant social and economic problems. How well is Africa prepared to embrace and make use of digital technology?

Introduction-Value-added Services

Telecos are facing with stagnant growth because of the maturity and saturation of the market, as well as the devaluation of connectivity services and mobile gadgets. Smartly addressing business challenges necessitates telecom companies across all markets to consider using VAS, which can set them apart, draw in new consumers, enhance profits, and increase ARPU (average revenue per user).


Content-based services are on the rise, for example, educational content for schools, businesses, and universities etc at a very cheap rate. Health, SME, Information technology, Personal finance, day-to-day life, Astrology, Managing relationships etc and many more on move to come through.

Mobile VAS services have helped and will keep on building additional revenue models for telcos until the next wave of disruption, which again is inviting, for example, what Blackberry tried with free flow of messages, i.e., messaging services on data.

The challenge for content providers is to ensure contents are market-specific, location-specific, and subscriber-profile-specific; otherwise, it would be a nuisance for subscribers.

A study from Google Search shows that one example provided in the webinar is Orange France’s partnership with streaming music service Deezer. The partnership boosted Deezer’s French subscriber base from 25,000 to over 1.2 million. Orange brings its audience, billing, and analytics to the table and reaps the benefits of a more compelling sales offering and increased data usage among subscribers.

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