What is FinTech and where does it Live?

Abstract – A few years back, I had a fascinating discussion about Fintech. Today every 3rd if not 4th profile on LinkedIn is about FinTech Expert. Few days ago someone asked me a million dollar question “What is FinTech?” I was intrigued with such a small, simple question but found it difficult to answer this to a person who is not from those 4 people from linkedin. My simple briefing note to answer this question was, “Fintech is a technical tool to support financial services”, making it simple for everyone on this planet earth along with promoting idea of “Financial Services as a basic right for every human being”. Financial technology, also known as fintech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. Why it is so inherently difficult to define the concept of Fintech, is because definitions change over time. Alternatively, traditional banking organizations are hindered by legacy operating systems, capacity to innovate, agility and technology expertise.… More What is FinTech and where does it Live?

FinTech the Champion of “Banking” Services

  Abstract – Cashless or LessCash are terms, which are often interchanged, which in most cases create confusion amongst consumers and to some extend new startups. If we are to consider the Asia-Pacific region where Digital disruption is at the top of the banking sector`s agenda. The question that arises is; will the banks’ respond… More FinTech the Champion of “Banking” Services

FinTech – Mobile Money – Mobile Payments – Banking (Not Bank)

Did you remembered my post from June-2014,  Will – Banks ever be successful in Mobile Money or Payments ?. Enjoyed a great panel on #fintech #mobilemoney & products for next billion consumers with industry leaders. In April met excellent leaders from west and north Africa at  NGT Summit in Pretoria – South Africa and now… More FinTech – Mobile Money – Mobile Payments – Banking (Not Bank)

Digitised Bank Payments – Their Struggle Saga with Friend FinTech

Abstract – This article is neither a conclusion nor a claim by any means this is just an assumption and current picture focused on African markets. Idea for this write up is to explorer, read, enjoy, deliberate and put suggestions or new thoughts/ideas on table offcourse comments in agreement/disagreement are welcome. The evolution of financial systems… More Digitised Bank Payments – Their Struggle Saga with Friend FinTech

Fintech – The BaaP & BaaS Boomer

Abstract : Fintech or Financial technology, is an industry combining and grouping companies that are making financial services including insurance services more efficient and advanced; with use of technology. Companies coming in FinTech domain are startups founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software but more on Banking… More Fintech – The BaaP & BaaS Boomer

Financial inclusion (Finclusion) – Need or Opportunity

Abstract – Financial inclusion in a simple language can be defined as “Ensuring access to basic banking services (Provided by any bank’s banking services or MNO’s mobile money services)”. The subject of Financial Inclusion is so huge that it can take billions of pages to get defined and picturise but still would not be enough.… More Financial inclusion (Finclusion) – Need or Opportunity

Convergence – Intelligent System, Mobile Data Charging and PCRF

  Abstract – My last post created some typical requests from regular readers about simplifying the post as most of the reader mentioned it was too technical and difficult to understand, “PCRF the Liberator for Mobile Data Charging”. So I am making my every effort to take care of their feedback and writing this as… More Convergence – Intelligent System, Mobile Data Charging and PCRF