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My first book coming up soon –Mobile Money Demystified-. As on date Mobile Money is a strongly vendor dominated. This  is simply because services like clearing and settlement of funds is vital and difficult for some stakeholders to do on their own. Mobile Money & Mobile Payments Outlook have demonstrated that its disrupting traditional monetary services without any mercy.

Change is the only constant! factor in our everyday life. A lot happens around us in every second. Especially in Financial Technology, Banking and Information Services Domain. Change in fintech services can only be brought on by changes in technologies that consumers are adopting and wanting. Technologies like NFC, QR codes and even facial recognition are emerging as cutting edge technologies of today. Artificial Intelligence and its subfield like Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning are disrupting whole landscape. These cutting edge technologies are of how banking, FinTech and InsureTech should be done.

We are reaching into the era where technologies will determine human interaction, knowledge and subconscious conditions should work.


AI will disrupt our financial market

In the same way, professionally we will see a lot of changes and updates around the industry where we belongs to. AI is today increasingly used wide term. AI can describe as machines that can mimic human functions such as learning and problem solving. This was originally founded on the premise that human intelligence can be precisely described, and machines made to simulate it. Technology and non technology companies are now investing and brining out the real and materialistic values of Artificial Intelligence to the real world.

A new variation Payment intelligence (Payments plus Artificial Intelligence) System – can open lot of opportunities to young entrepreneurs and boost economy of the nation. Artificial intelligence is here to make FinTech better, demystified and simple. How payment intelligence will become better with machine learning. We will experience soon.

AI is now a technology or new method of doing business and its cutting across all the industries. Bigger impact is coming on Banking, FinTech, Insurance and analytics domain.


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Change in FinTech Arena

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