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Digital Camera Image Sensors & Image Quality

That little rectangular [yes almost every time] hole which sits in the middle of digital camera in-side the round embossed figure and has shining elements […]

The Science and Methodology Behind Social Engineering

The Science and Methodology Behind Social Engineering – Social Engineering getting stronger and being exploited at larger scale compare to time before AI & ML […]

2022 The Year of Blockchain & Its Frameworks

The Year of Blockchain & Its Frameworks – Blockchain a very strong backbone for businesses – Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta authored a paper in […]

Blockchain as a POA – Proof of authenticity

Blockchain as a POA – Proof of authenticity – Blockchain technology has given rise to a new platform for business relationships that combines ease of […]

2021 The Year of Transformers – Deep Learning

Transformer –  Transformers are one of the types of neural network architecture and known for their staunch behaviour for the assigned tasks to produce best […]

Neural Networks vs Deep Learning

Deep Learning Vs Neural Networks – Demystifying the Differences

Demystifying the Gaps – Deep Learning Vs Neural Networks –  As the name suggests “Neural Network”, or ANN they are inspired by the human brain […]

Deep Learning – Driving the Innovation in NLP

NLP – Natural Language Processing, Can’t rule out a very common saying i.e. “Garbage in, garbage out.” Every machine learning model needs quality data, correct, […]

Deep Learning – Introduction to Boltzmann Machines

Boltzmann Machines – A kind of imaginary recurrent neural network and normally get interpreted from the probabilistic graphical models. In a short its a neural […]

Deep Learning Algorithms — The Basic Guide

Deep Learning – A very young and limitless field. It is a class of machine learning where theories of the subject aren’t strongly established and […]

Deep Learning – Introduction to Recursive Neural Network

Recursive Neural Network – When the same set of weights applied recursively on structured inputs with the expectation of getting structured prediction that’s when we […]