Digital Age – We are living in a world where the number of mobile SIM cards is far more compared to the number of toothbrushes. On the African continent, this statement is true by far. Some insurance firms are giving due importance to this information and devising their business strategies accordingly. Consider utilizing dental insurance that includes a sophisticated brush capable of monitoring and collecting data on your oral health.

The excuse is given as “We will collect data in order to assist you in determining the most suitable dental insurance plan for the health of your teeth and mouth”. Enhancing technology and generating novel concepts play a crucial and challenging role in the modern era. Please note this blog post is purely from my academic research.

Are We Giving Up Privacy

The importance of establishing strict rules and laws with respect to privacy and security measures is a fundamental component of pursuing innovation and preserving individual welfare. It is imperative that both individuals and organizations prioritize the safeguarding of information through enhanced measures of security.

The perpetuation of cybercrimes through the manipulation of forthcoming technological developments such as artificial intelligence persists, consequently leading to the ineffectiveness of previously established secure measures at an accelerated rate.

The utilization of open or public cloud services has witnessed an increase in its customer base, prompting an assessment of the comprehensive scope of due diligence in this context. The query arises as to whether considerations of closed or dedicated infrastructure could be a more suitable option.

The value of reliability is experiencing a surge in relevance, surpassing that of prominence. Under the blessings of the Ministry of Innovation, the proliferation of innovation is contingent upon rapid and reliable connectivity, rendering the implementation of novel networks an essential enabler for digital services and start-up enterprises. The dissemination of digital information may imminently materialize in the foreseeable future.

Enhancing technology and generating novel concepts play a crucial and challenging role in the modern era. Is it about swapping technology with modern technology or swapping people who were previously dealing with technology and business to bring innovation with security?

Access your application without using passwords (by detecting your typing behavior) or try logging in with someone else’s correct password, but the system will reject it if the behavior is not consistent with the owner’s. In the event of such an occurrence, accessibility to someone’s password will become effortless for anyone, however, it will not hold any value or significance. This compact API, possessing artificial intelligence capabilities, can establish universal benchmarks.

AILabPage’s technique called “Behavioral TMT Technique” (BTT) is defined by AILabPage. Telecommunications, Media, and Technology industries can enhance their device identification efforts by utilizing information regarding device hardware and software as an additional security measure. Developing a straightforward guideline to handle service requests, starting from queue management to issuing tokens.

Privacy – Only a Myth Now

Perhaps the occurrence of innovation is taking place in a manner that does not involve the identification of a problem statement. This occurrence displays a sequence of steps that is reversed in nature. The concept of privacy of personal information is increasingly fading away from practice and has become a remote phenomenon to all big players who are now better known as data collection agents and appears participating in a data hackathon.

In addition to meager profit margins and the speedy emergence of novel market players, there is a heightened emphasis on matters related to both service quality (QoS) and user experience quality (QoE). A commensurate emphasis is also placed on the vital areas of privacy and security. The current emphasis is on guaranteeing ideal novel solutions and experiences for clients, while all other matters are being relegated to a secondary position.

Against escalating security threats to our hard-earned money, empowerment of merchants, acquirers, and service providers with new commerce opportunities and experiences in-store and protection should be the highest priority for any mobile or banking payment solution system. Where do we go when the era of central banking dies? And the Ministry of Innovation takes over because the era of too much regulation is about to die by decentralizing systems that are dynamically scalable and software that can be modified.

Security & Privacy in the Digital Age

To serve and survive in the digital age, a basic need is to find out how to infuse the digital market with brands and culture. Critical steps will be required, both internal and external, to lead the way to digital success.

Digital Age

Teaming up with Training, Info-Security, Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning. and Blockchain) and Data Analytics etc. From community banks to credit unions to FinTech, no matter the size or customer base being served. Today’s financial institutions are embracing some of the most innovative technology on the market to keep their customers happy and ensure experiences are frictionless and secure.

Info security should lead the examples of innovation in technology, self-service, and improved customer experience. In addition, bank management should be on hand to answer questions and give. 
AI will help machines to learn the key ingredients to develop and execute a winning Digital Strategy within the financial technology ecosystem. Having AI and machines does not mean that we will be able to get rid of basic resources they would still be needed for below primary reasons.

  • People – People roles must exist in your organisation to effectively design and execute strategies.
  • Process – Machine changes need to take place at the process level.
  • Technology – Designing technology and solution architecture.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning with security as the prime front-end, middleware, and back-end idea will fire in the event of any financial transaction and will explore the current implementations of many forms of security.

Points to Note:

All credits, if any, remain with the original contributor only. We have covered the basics of security and privacy in the digital age and the importance of privacy. In the next upcoming post, we will talk about implementation, usage, and practice experience for markets.

Books + Other readings Referred

  • Research through open internet, news portals, white papers, notes made at knowledge sharing sessions and from live conferences & lectures.
  • Lab and hands-on experience of  @AILabPage (Self-taught learners group) members.

Feedback & Further Question

Do you have any questions about AI, machine learning, data billing and charging, data science, or big data analytics? Leave a question in the comment section or ask via email. I will try my best to answer it.


Conclusion – Africa boasts the world’s most youthful population, with almost 200 million individuals aged 15 to 24. What is the level of Africa’s preparedness to integrate digitalization? day-to-day life needs In the modern era of technology, obtaining advancements, creativity, and tactical innovation remains a crucial aim but also a significant obstacle. Security and privacy are overlooked topics of discussion. By 2025, the number of individuals with the ability to use digital innovation to address urgent social and economic issues is expected to increase twofold, paving the way for a new cohort of problem-solvers.

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