Month: December 2015

What is needed, Banking or Banks?

Banking or Bank !! This article is purely from my own assumptions and experience and not a conclusion. The post was first published on disruptive views dot com “For Africa will FinTech Reign“. Here focus is on the issues of developments and trends around banks, banking, fintech & […]


I Wish Its my 21st Birthday

This blog post is inspired and written on a very popular theme on Internet; “I wish I were of “x” age”. I am completing 40 years on this earth and taking so much from mother nature and society. It considers the things/technologies I wish I had and the […]

Can we trust the Security of Mobile Payments

Artificial Intelligence will boost info security through behavioural biometric intelligence in coming time. Mobile payments security will play the key role in the importance of info-security and privacy in payments. This industry is changing every day i.e it dynamic so why to relay on static method of security.

Mobile Payment Services

Abstract – This is the 3rd part of a 5-part story on Mobile Financial Services and security therein. This part focuses on Mobile Payments and the opportunities, which come out of this service, and those opportunities, which got added under the Mobile Financial Services umbrella as an independent […]