SMS Service as a Science

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The GSM brand of  Teleservices , has launched (2011) an interesting value added service called in SMS domain , for postpaid and prepaid mobile subscribers across India. With this service, subscribers can easily convert their standard SMSes into enjoyable and attractive picture messages/MMS.

In general SMS service introduction as below. May not have any direct relation to above post. The Short Message Service (SMS) provides a means for sending a message of a limited size (160 characters) to and from terminal equipment. SMS was originally standardized and implemented in GSM networks, but SMS interworking with fixed networks has also been introduced.

Mobile Comerce

SMS messages can also be initiated from the Internet. In many European countries the SMS market has grown significantly over the last few years. The main application of SMS has been the exchange of text messages between mobile users, but many content providers have entered this market and a variety of services are now being offered. Examples of commercial contents for SMS include:

  • Personalization of mobile phones (e.g. tones, logo, screen saver)
  • Directory services (e.g. telephone directory, public transport time tables)
  • Dictionary (e.g. language translation)
  • News and sport (e.g. notification of goals scored in football matches)
  • Finance (e.g. stock market, currencies, bank services)
  • Entertainment (games, competitions, quiz, interactive TV programs)
  • Chat rooms (usually via TV)
  • Dating services.

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and technologies around AI are growing at rapid pace a new terms chatbot is coming up so never now future sms will some robot with full of machine learning experience. Bots are not new so be careful; chatbots already exist in many of the places where you communicate, primarily messaging apps, which lend themselves to a conversational interface.

New services are being introduced continuously and SMS has stimulated a lot of innovation among service providers and content providers. Some network operators have developed specific platforms for SMS content provision including billing of the end user on behalf of the content provider.

As in any scientific discipline, data is the most important like a fuel to ignite the whole idea and decides how far this business can go and what is required to be done. Scientists  / Analysts borrow techniques from related disciplines or developed own arsenal, special techniques and algorithms to handle very large unstructured data sets in automated ways, even without human interactions.

To perform transactions in real-time or to make predictions. Many mobile and satellite transceiver units support the sending and receiving of SMS using an extended version of the command sets, a specific command language developed for the Smart modem  or smart devices. On the other hand paying subscribers to receive sms makes much more sense rather then just dumping sms of operators choice. The sms content choice should come from subscribers.

Now we discuss something very specific about today’s technologies that get merge with new and smart hardware’s to make consumer life easy like the connection between the terminal equipment and the transceiver can be realized with a serial cable (e.g., USB), a Bluetooth link, an infrared link, over wifi etc. Common AT commands based on some science include AT+CMGS (send message), AT+CMSS (send message from storage), AT+CMGL (list messages) and AT+CMGR (read message). However, not all modern devices support receiving of messages if the message storage (for instance the device’s internal memory) is not accessible using AT commands.


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