Basic Physics – Physics quantifies our fundamental nature by determining the essential elements of our existence. The occurrence impacts many natural sciences like biophysics, astronomy, and chemistry. Physics strives to comprehend the universe’s mysteries by organizing and studying material substances and energy phenomena.

The link between matter and energy spans science, and daily life and influences everything from chemical reactions to the environment around us. This is Part-1 of our 40 parts story.

Introduction – Basic Physics

The field of physics proficiently clarifies all phenomena in our surroundings. It revolves around exploring the inner workings of the natural world and the mechanics of motion. Researchers utilize numeric values to determine the level of strength of objects. The study of physics enables us to comprehend the movements and actions of objects within the dimensions of time and space. In essence, the subject matter of this scientific field is centred around natural elements such as energy and force. Yes, It’s an immutable part of every day and everyone’s life.

It uses mathematical concepts to explain the connections between matter and energy, but one can still comprehend the impact of physics on our world without having to have advanced computational skills. Imagine a scenario where a gas-filled container is equipped with a piston that can move effortlessly due to its lack of friction. When supplying warmth to the said system, the gas goes through expansion. Can you explain the scientific principles behind this expansion in physics?

The current field of physics study focuses on the exciting and enlightening journey of understanding the laws of nature, from the incredibly small (like atoms, subatomic particles, and dark matter) to the unimaginably large (like quasars, galaxies, and black holes).

Why Physics is so important

The importance of physics should not be underestimated! Without it, we would have no explanation for why things happen within the natural world. Not only that, but it is a key ingredient when it comes to understanding the universe and the ways in which nature operates. If physics were to suddenly disappear, we would all be quite lost. After all, without our scientific knowledge of the world around us, how would we ever get through a day without asking ourselves

  • Why does the sky turn blue?
  • Where do rainbows come from?
  • Why does a ball roll instead of hopping?
  • What does gravity really do?

Physics has all the answers and more! Experts in the realm of physics are like the tiny heroes we never heard about – they dive into the microscopic universe, examining those teeny-tiny building blocks of substances like atoms and molecules, plus their complex interactions with each other. We thank them for helping us make sense of how things work, and for uncovering the foundations of our physical world.

Some significant accomplishments that can be linked to the field of Physics are the creation of nuclear weapons, the conception of transistors, and the creation of the internet.

Point to Note: All of my inspiration and sources come directly from the original works, and I make sure to give them complete credit. I am far from being knowledgeable in physics, and I am not even remotely close to being an expert or specialist in the field.

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