The Year 2019– After infusing their presence into our life for almost fifty years plus, AI and machine learning have actually now become part of daily lives. These technologies are completely biased to the data we generate but key data which determine us the most i.e. behaviour data is missing up-to some extent. How do we measure, make them experienced to recognise bias? 2019 may help us to get a response. The year 2019 will be the year of performance focus rather than just being a chatterbox. Point to note buzzing won’t cease in.

AILabPage Wishes all its readers A Very Happy New Year 2019


Some Background & History

Artificial intelligence is a broad and active area of research, but it’s no longer the sole province of academics; increasingly, companies are incorporating AI into their products. In 2002 during my Master of Computer application degree program, I was completely in agreement that AI will always remain a PhD program or just for researchers only.  We all know that there is no definitive single future, but instead, there is an unlimited range of possible or probable futures. AI is coming up strongly via predictive analysis letting us equip for our future.

This is not to say however that human beings cannot anticipate and influence the future or futures, but to do so with any degree of accuracy, assumptions about future crisis, needs and consequences must be based on a realistic assessment about human nature and behaviour, verifiable history, our present conditions.

This was the first serious proposal in the philosophy of artificial intelligence, which can be explained as a science developing technology to mimic humans to respond in a circumstance. In simple words, AI involves machines that behave and think like humans i.e Algorithmic Thinking in general. Computers start simulating the brain’s sensation, action, interaction, perception and cognition abilities.


Artificial Intelligence & People

Artificial intelligence is about the people, not the just machines. Technology and non-technology companies are now investing and bringing out the real and materialistic values of Artificial Intelligence to the real world. It’s almost after a frustrating and hard work of the decade.

AI has started delivering values. Using the contemporary view of computing exemplified by recent models and results from non-uniform complexity theory has proven the fact. Investment in artificial intelligence is growing fast. Globally billions of US dollars are spent on AI with 90% on R&D and deployment, and 10% on AI acquisitions. Make a note on the fact about super intelligence i.e intelligence level surpassing the human intelligence level is still 50 years plus ahead in AILabPage opinion.

Natural language generation can create, write and tell your business stories but still raise hands when risk overtakes. Baidu’s speech-to-text services are outperforming humans in similar tasks. Amazon is also applying deep learning for best-in-class product recommendations.

The most striking AI solutions came out for  FinTech, banking, insurance companies and financial services. On usage and acceptance part of AI i.e. AI for intelligence or AI for automation, we will probably see both types of services getting emphasis heavily by Fintechs to gain a competitive lead. Eventually, AI will free up humans for higher-value tasks and drive employment. In the end, a powerful position will be created by AI for companies who believe and trust in it. A great value and product propositions will be created to add value for its customers, end users.


What is, and what isn’t AI?

The prevalence of AI of today, the way media, internet, and professionals are explaining up to some extent does not match. Emerging technologies like AI, ML, Quantum computing, IoT and blockchain etc will become more of applied solution. A lot of focus will be on what these technologies are doing & giving then what these technologies can do and produce. What could be the reason for people’s impression in general of AI so indistinct? Well, will find out in details below.


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans – Benefits & Risks

Artificial intelligence was called as the future in the 1990s, 2000, 2014, 2017, 2018 and most certainly will remain as future technology in 2019 as well. Though various developments and deployments have happened so far.

In 2019 every product and service we will use in our daily life will claim AI & Ml presence in the same.  These claims may / may not be true but we can’t dismiss AI as over-hyped and pay no attention to it at all. The impact of AI-technologies will be significant in 2019 as its going to be applied in the form of augmented intelligence (AI + NI).

2018 Year of Intelligence Augmentation

We need to be careful of the hidden risk of blind trust in AI’s ‘black box’. AI as a Service is been offered in form of ML, DL, LUIS, Watson already. For decades, the dream of creating machines that can think and learn like humans seemed like it would be perpetually out of reach even in 2019. Artificial intelligence embedded in our smartphones will become smarter thus we will be loosing more and more of our privacy.

Almost every business of today especially financial services are started to focus on two things above all; Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The effects of Blockchain, AI and its subcategories i.e. machine learning and deep learning etc are estimated as definite, palpable and empirically ascertainable quality.  These bundled technologies are pleasures, fascinating, business cost reduction and painful at the same time.


How Artificial Intelligence has affected life and work in 2018

In 2019 all can observe the presence of AI in such a strong way so that all its technological or moral inferences will get open enough at every point to the test of practical experience. Statistical inquiries are the biggest enabler for machine learning as the incidence of taxation or of particular taxes, though ideal or even approximate equality of a palpable arithmetical kind is practically unattainable by governments, are not altogether to be put aside.

Older techniques if not yet discarded will get intelligence augmentation with these new jargons also will become lazier as well. Few examples from the past are

  • Paper notes => Electronic and smarter
  • Reminders => memory
  • Watches => Smartwatch

Intelligent augmentation of memory/storage has given us below strength to our business and day to day life.

  • Extra eyes & ears
  • Automation  of behaviour patterns detection (Behaviour biometrics Analytics)
  • Information filtering & problem-solving
  • Transactions introspection
  • Self-learning and coding
  • Image, voice and text processing

 In today’s time to establish AI based automation development Lab is not a difficult task as As a Service model from big companies have made it possible to set up labs for ai neurology, information technology theory, machine learning algorithm optimisations and cybernetics.


The year 2019 – What it will bring / What Not

AI has promised too many benefits, but also posed urgent challenges (not threats in our views)  that cut across almost all industries. The business of any nature, i.e software development, technical support, customer care, medicines research, law and many other domains got too many promises from AI. Thus this means in 2019 we all need to upgrade our skill sets to exploit AI rather than compete with it. AI will help and do betterment for humanity. This kind of revolution tells us where we are heading.

AI Circle

Global competition to attract AI talent, investment and progress requires an ethical, legal and regulatory framework. The challenges that could otherwise hold back AI are huge. People involved here specifically, those with a high intellectual capacity (hyper brain) possess over-excitabilities in various domains have upper hand at all times.

AI has evolved from science fiction to a real business. AI adoption meeting its trepidation despite an overall acceptance of AI, nearly two-thirds of global consumers register concern about AI, although mostly at a moderate level. Top concerns revolve around security and job loss. Few high lights of AI in 2019 will be

  • The self-driving vehicle will remain in the auto-pilot phase.
  • Marketing & Customer services automation – GANs will help and automate marketing by generating thousands of auto content. For example, how the customer reacts and gives his facial expression will help to track product evaluation.
  • Machine Learning as Service i.e. AutoML will promise more benefits and values to smaller business but may remain with limited use cases only like.
    • Image & video recognition
    • Machine translation
    • Text & Voice classification

2019 will also see FinTech getting married to AI at the core of its business i.e. financial-services. The marriage i.e. FinTech Intelligence will bring much better customer experience. Business can expand AI adoption swiftly in response to the economic and industrial invasion and acquire more data, laggards will find it harder to catch up.


What Tech Giants Working On in the Year 2019

The number of companies who are implementing and implemented AI and its subsets like machine learning and neural networks have grown by 270% (as per Gartner)  in the last 4-5 years. Companies making the claim of using AI and using AI for real both suffer from right talent though. If you your organisation is not AI so be warned your competitors are using it for sure as its called as Game changer for very strong reasons. In short talk shows and only willingness will not help us any more, time to act. We will see amazing development like below like tomorrow:

  • AI-Based Task Specific Chips – Current systems are now suffocating and becoming breathless at the CPU level. AI-based task-specific CPU will be the reality (actually it’s out there already) soon. Tasks like computer vision i.e. object/facial recognition and natural language processing are examples as a target for these chips. Companies like AMD, Qualcomm and Intel making it for our real-life use. Google is making TPU support its tensorflow application.
  • The explosion in Demand for Data Scientists – As mentioned before there is an acute shortage of skilled resources already. With the estimated growth of AI by 2020 and beyond the demand for ai professionals will rise beyond 30% from current figures.
  • Automated Marketing – AI-based applications for marketing to give a huge boost to sales with much efficient analytics. The tools will record, save and produce information which will give eye opening and jaw dropping analysis.

There would many more developments in areas like medicines, health, law enforcement etc. Automated machine learning, cloud-based AI services, quantum computing and blockchain development will make our business secured and super fast.

Baidu’s speech-to-text services are outperforming humans in similar tasks. Amazon is also applying deep learning for best-in-class product recommendations. For now, AI is controlled by humans and I wish in long term it should remain the same.


Ending Notes – Mixed Up Thoughts

Eventually, AI will free up humans for higher-value tasks and drive employment. In the end, a powerful position will be created by AI for companies who believe and trust in it. A great value and product propositions will be created to add value for its customers, end users and investors simultaneously.

How to use AI is entirely up to us. When artificial intelligence was just science fiction, nobody thought it would become a real force in the business world. Even more growth by adding new subsets in its core i.e. data science, operations, customer success and sales.

Modern mobile payment infrastructure availability – Africa has payment instruments such as mobile wallets for merchant payments, bill payments, prepaid airtime top-up etc. Smart machines producing smart payments with inbuilt payment intelligence. High-powered algorithms are not a new phenomenon in finance though, and for this industry, the name of the game is efficiency and precision which suites more for FinTech due to their fast adopting nature and risk appetite.


Points to Note:

All credits if any remains on the original contributor only. AI is a bundled technology here which is powering every single business. Artificial intelligence is a broad and active area of research, but it’s no longer the sole province of academics; increasingly, companies are incorporating AI into their products.


Books & Other Material Referred

  • Open Internet & Live conferences feedback and interactions.
  • AILabPage (group of self-taught engineers) members hands-on lab work.


Feedback & Further Question

Do you have any questions about Deep Learning or Machine Learning? Leave a comment or ask your question via email. Will try my best to answer it.


Machine Learning (ML) - Everything You Need To KnowConclusion –  AI is controlled by humans and we wish in long-term it should stay the same. AI should never control us or should not get out of human control. At end allow me to say AI is a friendly technology that is here to stay, flourish and help human kinds. AI got into our lives and businesses already

Artificial intelligence is set to transform the financial services industry. How AI will be transforming the future of FinTech to elaborate items from the above list in African markets and opportunities are even more dramatic – In just the past five years.


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