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A Technology Specialist boasting 22+ years of exposure to Fintech, Insuretech, and Investtech with proficiency in Data Science, Advanced Analytics, AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning), and Blockchain (Trust Assessment, Tokenization, Digital Assets). Demonstrated effectiveness in Mobile Financial Services (Cross Border Remittances, Mobile Money, Mobile Banking, Payments), IT Service Management, Software Engineering, and Mobile Telecom (Mobile Data, Billing, Prepaid Charging Services). Proven success in launching start-ups and new business units - domestically and internationally - with hands-on exposure to engineering and business strategy. "A fervent Physics enthusiast with a self-proclaimed avocation for photography" in my spare time.

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Importance of Gravity in Our Daily Life

Gravity is crucial for our lives and impossible to live without. Physics studies nature. Physics includes electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, and modern physics. Understanding is aided by knowledge Gravity impacts us significantly. Gravity is an intrinsic force of nature that holds immense significance in our quotidian existence. The significance of gravity in our daily affairs is underlined by several pivotal factors.It controls Earth’s motion. Gravity affects lives.

Mobile VAS

Mobile VAS Services and GSM – Powerful Friendship

The realm of mobile value-added services incorporates several messaging applications, including SMS, MMS, and instant messaging platformst. These services enable users to swap written messages and various forms of media and engage in live communication.

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AI And Humans – Mental Dominance In Jeopardy 

AI And Humans – The success of IBM’s query and response platform, Watson, over renowned Jeopardy! champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings exemplified a noteworthy incursion of artificial intelligence into humanity’s intellectual hegemony. Without doubt, Deep Blue, the computer system that defeated the popular Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997, is highly probable to have demonstrated a noteworthy sense of fulfillment regarding its successful performance.

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The FinePix X100: A Classic Machine for Street Photography

The FinePix X100 is a great camera for photographers who want a small, stylish camera with excellent image quality. It’s not the fastest or most versatile camera on the market, but it’s a great choice for those who want a camera that they can take with them everywhere and take great photos with.

Value-added Services to Mobile Customers

Content-based services are on the rise, for example, educational content for schools, kindergartens, and universities at a very cheap rate, health services TIPS, information technology TIPS, day-to-day life TIPS, astrology, managing relationships TIPS, business TIPS, financial advice, etc., and many more.

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Mobile Money | Promoter of Financial Inclusion

Africa is the land of mobile money, and mobile is the most frequently used and widely accepted technological device of any other. Financial services are a key need for most people due to almost negligible banking penetration, and it makes sense to enable mobile devices with a set of financial tools and features as mobile handset penetration is more than 10 to 15 times higher than banking

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The Applications of Physics in Everyday Life

Many essential scientific areas rely on the principles of physics as their basis. For instance, quantum physics provides the fundamental understanding of atoms and molecules, which forms the framework for chemistry. The principles of physics find relevance in a variety of engineering fields. In the field of architecture, knowledge of physics plays a crucial role in ascertaining the stability of structures, designing appropriate acoustics, and planning efficient heating, lighting, and cooling mechanisms for buildings.


GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication

The introduction of GSM represented a critical turning point in the development of cellular networks as it signified a transition from the early phases of cellular technology, which relied on analog communication methods, to sophisticated wireless communication approaches.

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The MNO-Bank Convergence: A New Era of Financial Possibilities

Personally, I have had the opportunity to participate in programs aimed at building experience and expertise in scenarios involving Mobile Payments or Mobile Wallet-based Cross Border remittances. These initiatives have proven vital in supporting national economies. It is crucial to acknowledge that certain countries, such as Greece, Cyprus, and Italy, found themselves compelled to accept rescue terms that impacted not only bank bondholders and shareholders but also countless private deposit holders.

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USSD – Why Does It Matter

USSD is a means for conveying brief messages through an unstructured supplementary services data channel. This particular protocol is utilized by GSM networks worldwide. A compressed USSD message is able to facilitate live interaction between a mobile gadget and additional external gadgets, like a network or server. The upper limit of characters it can contain falls between 140 to 182. The USSD operates in a similar way as the SMS; yet, the user’s device does not retain the messages. To utilize this functionality, individuals can input a numerical value, succeeded by an asterisk, such as the string “*123#”.

Human Limitations

The Physics of Human Limitations: Understanding the Constraints of Biological Design

The speed at which people move can vary depending on the situations and choices they make. Several instances of how fast people travel can be cited as typical examples. Every year, astronauts prove the safety of their voyage by reaching supersonic speeds without any risk to their lives. If you were to poke your head out of the window, there would be a significant change in the current situation.

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Year 2011: Pioneering The Change That Redefines Payments and Payment Service Providers

Payment Service Providers -Traditional payment service providers, such as banks and established giants like Mastercard and VISA, must recognize the need for innovation and adapt to the changing landscape. Otherwise, they risk losing their market share to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who are poised to disrupt the industry. Additionally, the emergence of social media in the payment sphere adds another intriguing dimension to this shift.

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Understanding The World – Basic Physics Concepts

The field of physics proficiently clarifies all phenomena in our surroundings. It revolves around exploring the inner workings of the natural world and the mechanics of motion. Researchers utilize numeric values to determine the level of strength of objects. The study of physics enables us to comprehend the movements and actions of objects within the dimensions of time and space. In essence, the subject matter of this scientific …

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Prepaid Mobile Charging Systems

The charging system originally formed part of the support network and can be regarded as a supporting platform for networks or services. In a converged environment, the charging system is unable to complete the entire charging process. Many network evolutions, however, are stimulated by changes in charging requirements.

SMS Service as a Science

The Short Message Service (SMS) provides a means for sending a message of a limited size (160 characters) to and from terminal equipment. SMS was originally standardized and implemented in GSM networks, but SMS interworking with fixed networks has also been introduced. SMS messages can also be initiated from the Internet. In many European countries, the SMS market has grown significantly over the last few years. The main application of SMS has been the exchange of text messages between ..