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A Technology Specialist boasting 22+ years of exposure to Fintech, Insuretech, and Investtech with proficiency in Data Science, Advanced Analytics, AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning), and Blockchain (Trust Assessment, Tokenization, Digital Assets). Demonstrated effectiveness in Mobile Financial Services (Cross Border Remittances, Mobile Money, Mobile Banking, Payments), IT Service Management, Software Engineering, and Mobile Telecom (Mobile Data, Billing, Prepaid Charging Services). Proven success in launching start-ups and new business units - domestically and internationally - with hands-on exposure to engineering and business strategy. "A fervent Physics enthusiast with a self-proclaimed avocation for photography" in my spare time.

Introduction to Mobile Money Basics

The topics of mobile financial transactions and advanced computer intelligence are currently on everyone’s lips. The mobile money industry serves as a prime illustration of how to establish successful business models that require minimal technical assistance through the utilization of effective maturity levels, strategies, and comprehension.

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The Role Of Physics In Our Daily Life

Science and technology have played a significant role in shaping and transforming our lives, irrespective of whether we acknowledge their importance or not. The vast field of science is capable of interpreting and providing insight into every aspect of our lives. Physics governs our most of daily activities and is incorporated into numerous practices and objects that we rely on in our day-to-day routine.

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SMS as a Service Enabler | Era About To End

In general SMS service introduction as below. This may not have any direct relation to the above post. The Short Message Service (SMS) provides a means for sending a message of limited size (160 characters) to and from the terminal equipment. We have mainly 4 types of SMS’s as of now

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Physics – What’s So Great | Why Study

If all of humanity were spatially compressed to occupy a singular location while simultaneously evacuating any interatomic voids, the resultant volume would be contained within a minute sugar cube of meager dimensions. The associated mass of this configuration would be approximately 5 billion tons due to marked increases in density.

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2012 The Year of Mobile Wallets

The current approach to payment processing has undergone a significant change mobile wallet has transformed our money from paper cash to digital cash. With the introduction of a range of products offered at the merchant end. Companies offering mobile payment solutions are utilizing the capabilities of adaptable and unsealed systems to create a superior level of engagement between buyers and sellers.

Fintech Progress in 2011

From Concept to Reality: Tracking Fintech Progress in 2011

Mobile Payments: The proliferation of smartphones and the increasing adoption of mobile technology laid the foundation for the growth of mobile payments. Companies like Square and PayPal were early pioneers, offering mobile payment solutions that allowed individuals and businesses to accept payments using mobile devices.

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Harmonies Unveiled: Navigating the Waves of Acoustics for a Sonic Odyssey

In the mesmerizing world of acoustics, the study of sound waves transcends the auditory experience, diving into a realm where physics, engineering, and art converge. Imagine yourself on a journey, floating on a sea of sweet sound insight, where the undulating waves of acoustics carry you through a symphony of discoveries.

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The North Star of Mobile Money / FinTech

The North Star principle in fintech and mobile money sectors encourages inclusive, innovative, secure, user-focused financial services. It emphasizes financial inclusion, user-centric design, innovative solutions, trust and security, seamless integration, regulatory compliance, data privacy, scalability, education, and sustainability. The principle views technology as a force for societal transformation, balancing profit and positive impact.

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Light and Color: Physics of Daily Life

Exploration of “Light and Color: Physics of Daily Life,” we invite you to see the world through the lens of physics, appreciating the nuances, wonders, and sheer beauty that the interplay of light and color brings to our existence. Buckle up as we embark on a journey where science meets aesthetics, revealing the secrets that illuminate the canvas of our daily reality.

Year 2011

Year 2011: The Technology Year In Review

In 2011, remarkable advancements were achieved in the development of high-intelligence computers. The objective of discovering the Higgs boson was facilitated by the processing of a substantial volume of data, surpassing the 10-petaflop threshold. IBM Watson triumphed over human competitors in the competitive game of Jeopardy. On the whole, the present year has evinced great significance in terms of advancements made in the aforementioned fields.

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The Rise Of Convolutional Neural Networks

The neural network’s architecture entailed a simplistic design, consisting of five layers comprising of convolutional layers with a dimensionality of 5×5 and max-pooling operations with a 2×2 size. The convolutional neural network architecture was designated as “LeNet” in honor of its creator, Yann LeCun.

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HLR and MSC Powerful Backbone for SMSC

In short, HLR is the MVP of SMS. It’s the facilitator that ensures smooth and uninterrupted communication among different mobile networks. Without it, we’d be lost in a sea of unanswered messages and undelivered texts. So, next time you send an SMS, give a little thanks to HLR for making it all possible.


Demystifying Digital Camera Megapixels and Sensor Size

The primary factor determining one’s photography skills is the size of the image sensor. This is a compact silicon chip comprising numerous photosites, also known as diodes, which have the ability to react to light or photons. They translate the light into an electrical message that showcases diverse characteristics such as hue, pitch, brightness, and darkness, eventually capturing the present picture.

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Importance of Gravity in Our Daily Life

Gravity is crucial for our lives and impossible to live without. Physics studies nature. Physics includes electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, and modern physics. Understanding is aided by knowledge Gravity impacts us significantly. Gravity is an intrinsic force of nature that holds immense significance in our quotidian existence. The significance of gravity in our daily affairs is underlined by several pivotal factors.It controls Earth’s motion. Gravity affects lives.

Mobile VAS

Mobile VAS Services and GSM – Powerful Friendship

The realm of mobile value-added services incorporates several messaging applications, including SMS, MMS, and instant messaging platformst. These services enable users to swap written messages and various forms of media and engage in live communication.