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Deep Learning – Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

LSTM – Long Short Term Memory Architecture

LSTM is used to solve issues with RNNs processing extensive sequential data. Calling LSTM as an advanced RNNs is not wrong. LSTMs excel in processing sequential data with long-term dependencies. LSTM is utilized for tasks like sentiment analytics, language generation, speech recognition, and video analysis.

Deep Learning Algorithms — The Basic Guide

Deep learning leverages autonomous learning mechanisms that depend on simulated neural networks, commonly referred to as artificial neural networks (ANNs), to replicate the intricate cognitive operations of the brain implicated in information processing. During the process of training, algorithms endeavor to ascertain significant attributes, organize entities, and unveil consequential patterns within the data via the utilization of latent components in the input distribution.

Recursive Neural Network

Deep Learning – Introduction to Recursive Neural Networks

Recursive neural networks belong to the same family of models as deep neural networks, given that they can be seen as a modification of them. Usually, these results are produced by systematically applying a consistent set of weights to the arranged inputs in a repetitive manner. This occurrence happens consistently across all points due to identical causative elements. Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNS) are a group of structured designs that operate on directed acyclic graphs, tailored to handle organized inputs.