Future TechnologyTechnology in today’s time has seen new heights. The way our lives have changed is unpredictable and unimaginable. While we may not be sure how our lives are entangled around the technology, we cannot deny the fact that it is: disruptive. Many believe these disruptions would have a negative face and Artificial Intelligence solutions are the biggest reason why some people may lose their jobs.

Well, that’s just one perspective. Another way to look at any Future Technology is, how its claims i.e. automation creates a lot more job opportunities than it may displace. By offering more innovative tools for entrepreneurs, AI has created a business world that no one had ever imagined.


The Future Is Less Artificial and More Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.  ~AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr Kai-Fu Lee, 2018

We have seen the driverless cars (not a Future Technology any more), voice automation in homes, and a lot more changes that clearly reflect how artificial intelligence has progressed rapidly and is a lot more than just a concept from our favourite sci-fi movies and books. With the outbreak of the pandemic, AI future is arriving much faster than the predictions. According to the research scientists, Artificial Intelligence will be better than humans at translating languages by 2024, writing school essays by 2026, selling goods by 2031, writing a bestselling book by 2049,  and conducting surgeries by 2053.

In the coming years, AI will become a significant part of our lives reaching the heights of super-smart machines to cross human intellectual capacities.

  • Consider opening the doors of your hotel room with facial recognition instead of keys. Your face becomes your identity in making everyday transactions easier and safer. The time is not far away from where the products you ordered online would be delivered by small drones to your doorstep in a few hours of placing the order.
  • AI-based remote helpers will put human-like calls to book an arrangement at, state, your local salon understanding the subtlety and the setting of the discussion.
  • Set yourself up to be worked by a Robot Surgeon. In the future years, a physical specialist might simply be an observer as a robot really plays out the medical procedure and assists patients with bettering comprehend their consideration alternatives.

These are only a couple of instances of how the technology will change what’s to come. AI-based future headways appear as though far off, however, they will be here sooner than we can even think off. Top technology organizations are in a competition to execute Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives – which will lead us to a truly phenomenal and fuelling Artificial Intelligence future.


Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Future


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

 Almost 86% of the issues can be taken care of in the medical care industry and AI will play a significant part in this. The fate of AI in medical services is a stage towards democratizing medical care to assist patients and medical services experts the same, while simultaneously making it not so much exorbitant but rather more exact through AI-controlled predictive analysis. Predictive analysis and Artificial Intelligence can help comprehend different elements (spot of the birth, dietary patterns, nearby air contamination levels, and so forth) that impact an individual’s wellbeing. In future, we can expect AI-controlled medical services frameworks to envision when an individual is destined to build up a persistent sickness and recommend protection prescription to fix it before it declines.


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

In future, you can expect orders of as much as 5-pound bundles in less than 30 minutes, all gratitude to AI-controlled automation. Amazon is now chipping away at it to decide security and dependability of tasks for delivering products however there is no conditional date on the business utilization of these automatons.

  • The worldwide market for Artificial Intelligence in Retail is expected to develop over $5 million by 2022.
  • As per a report published by some well-known company on the effect of AI in Retail, if retailers utilize AI over their business tasks, it can spare them over $340 billion by 2022.
  • A big global consulting company shares a report that states AI interests in retail will help incomes by 38% before the finish of 2002.

These insights are a set of proof that AI guarantees an extraordinary future for retailers with various usage opportunities for better business dynamics. Notwithstanding, in the coming years, you can foresee the self-ruling delivery of products and food items quickly with drones.


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

 According to IHS Markit’s AI in Banking report, the worldwide business estimation of AI in Banking foreseen coming to $300 billion before the finish of 2030.

Artificial Intelligence is good to become the main focus in coming time for verticals like business insight and info-security with diminished cost, expanded efficiency and upgraded client encounters. The rise “Robo Advisors” in wealth management with en-rich the typical insights and will show a distinct advantage. The financial services industry will have space-sparing critical measures of time for supervisors and clients benefits. The banks of things to come won’t simply customize their administrations and items yet will utilize AI to customize client encounters.  

An extraordinary case of such personalisation would eliminate the need to deliver an ID card when you stroll into the bank office and still keep on being welcomed with your name and complete information on your whole ledger history.


Future of Artificial intelligence to Open Up Millions of New Job Opportunities

“Artificial Intelligence will take our positions as Future Technology!” is the most widely spread rumour around AI around the world. With AI involved in a wide range of work, we can think about a more agreeable future for ourselves that will make new openings and not dislodge them.  As indicated by a report on the Future of Jobs by the World Economic Forum, AI will make 58 million new man-made consciousness occupations by 2022. 

There is an outstanding possibility that by 2030 AI will outflank people in a large number however that doesn’t mean it will remove occupations.


Points to Note:

All credits if any remains on the original contributor only. The guest author has covered the basic pointers around artificial intelligence and its challenges. Machine Learning is all about data, computing power and algorithms to look for information. How machine can do more than just translation this is covered in Generative Adversarial Networks. A family of artificial neural networks.


Feedback & Further Question

Do you have any questions about Future Technologies i.e. Quantum technologies, Artificial Intelligence and its subdomains like Deep Learning or Machine Learning? etc. Leave a comment or ask your question via email. Will try my best to answer it.


Conclusion – The way to genuinely clever AI will keep on being long and troublesome. All things considered, this field is scarcely sixty years of age, and, as Carl Sagan would have watched, sixty years are scarcely the squint of an eye on a grandiose time scale. Gabriel García Márquez put it all the more idyllically in a 1936 discourse (“The Cataclysm of Damocles”): “Since the presence of obvious life on Earth, 380 million years needed to slip by all together for a butterfly to figure out how to fly, 180 million years to make a rose with no other duty than to be wonderful, and four land periods altogether for us individuals to have the option to sing superior to flying creatures and to have the option to kick the bucket from adoration.”


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