Artificial Intelligence – Most people think Artificial Intelligence is all about taking away all the jobs or wiping out humanity. Well, that’s not true! Artificial Intelligence refers to building bots, tools, and robots that can mimic human behavior & act on a human’s basis using machine learning and hence making human life easier.

AI has gotten significantly smarter of late. For instance, You can sit on the rear seat of your car, while it runs on auto-pilot. Another example is Google’s assistant. You can ask it to search for anything over the internet or even order something for you with a simple command.

Tech companies are heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence that is bringing significant change to our lives.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

We are seeing immense progress in making artificial intelligence smarter.

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have garnered strong rosters of Artificial Intelligence talent and impressive arrays of computers to bolster their businesses for ad targeting and anticipating your next purchase.

The current boom in all things AI was brought by breakthroughs in machine learning. Machine Learning involves “training” computers to perform future tasks based on data fed to them, rather than by relying on programming by a human.

For most of us, development in Artificial Intelligence means having neat new gadgets such as smart speakers or being able to unlock your phones on a simple command.

But Artificial Intelligence is also posed to revolutionize other areas of life. The use of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector is becoming more and more popular these days. For instance, Remote Patient Monitoring Technology, allows healthcare providers to perform clinical diagnoses without even requiring the patient to visit the hospital in-person.

Another such advancement is that the doctors can predict breast cancer in the woman at earlier stages using advanced Artificial Intelligence-based technologies.

Artificial Intelligence can also help monitor the progression of deadly diseases and even predict their future effects and outcomes.

Why Does Every Company Need An Artificial Intelligence Strategy?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology available today. The transformative nature of AI is not limited to global tech giants and blue-chip companies. Artificial Intelligence is eventually going to transform every business.

Intelligent products and services

Artificial Intelligence is all about making machines smarter so that they can act and think like humans.

Just look at the popularity of devices like smartphones, and smart fitness trackers to see how wholeheartedly consumers embrace products and services that can make their life smarter, easier, and more streamlined.

So all businesses are looking for ways to make their products and services more intelligent with the help of Artificial Intelligence. For instance, Google’s search algorithm is an AI-driven tool that fulfills your query whenever you search for something on google. Other such examples are Amazon’s Alexa and Social media platforms.

Intelligent business processes

Artificial Intelligence can help businesses across all sectors to optimize and automate their business processes. For example, automatically recommending a mobile case to the customer who has just bought a mobile phone. This is done with the use of the KNN Algorithm.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

From Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana to autonomous vehicles, there has been a rapid growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The scope for innovation and development in AI is enormous, and it will continue to change the world in different ways in the future.

1) Takes risks instead of Humans:

It is one of the biggest benefits of Artificial intelligence. We can overcome many risky situations by developing Artificial Intelligence Robots, which can do all the risky & dangerous work for humans.

For example- defusing a bomb, or exploring the deepest parts of oceans.

2) Available 24×7:

An Average human can merely work for 6-9 hours a day, But using AI, machines work 24x7x365 without any breaks. It can immensely help the Customer service industry and helpline centers.

3) Reduction in Human Error:

Humans make mistakes from time to time. Computers, however, do not make any mistakes if programmed accordingly. Using Artificial Intelligence, the decisions are taken based on previously collected information; So errors can be considerably reduced.

4) Faster Decisions:

Using Artificial Intelligence alongside other technologies can make machines take faster decisions than any human being and carry out the tasks much quicker.

5) Advances in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence can also help monitor the progression of deadly diseases and even predict their future effects and outcomes.

6) Helping in Repetitive Jobs:

In our day-to-day work, we perform a lot of repetitive tasks like sending Emails, designing proposals, and many other things. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can automate these monotonous and boring tasks.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are three types of artificial intelligence-

1) Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI)- Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the only type of AI we have successfully accomplished to date. ANI is designed to perform singular tasks & is goal-oriented. ANI is very capable of completing specific tasks it is programmed to do. A few examples of ANI are voice assistants, facial recognition, or driving a car.

To be precise, Narrow AI doesn’t mimic human intelligence, it merely imitates human behavior based on a narrow range of context and parameters.

2) Artificial general intelligence (AGI)- Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the concept of a machine with general intelligence that can mimic human intelligence and behaviors, with the ability to learn from data and apply its intelligence to solve any problem. Artificial General Intelligence can think, understand, and act in a way that is somewhat similar to a human in any given situation.

3) Artificial superintelligence (ASI)- Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), is the hypothetical AI. ASI is where machines can become self-aware and surpass human ability and intelligence. Practically we are far away from achieving this form of AI in real life.


It is no secret that AI is taking the world with Storm and hopefully, will soon surpass human intelligence. Some experts even believe that Artificial Intelligence will be one-tenth as smart as a human brain by 2030.

Well, for now, let us not talk about the far future. Let me tell you about an incident when an Artificial Intelligence-based robot was able to defeat humans in intelligence. IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer, on 12 May 1997, defeated the world-famous chess champion, Garry Kasparov. And not only that, it even learned how to play chess in just four hours.

Well, if you look at it, Artificial Intelligence has the superpower to make our lives easier. From home assistants to self-driving cars, AI is helping human beings live more efficiently. All the sectors are wholeheartedly embracing AI to automate work and efficiency.

We have come a long way in the Artificial Intelligence field, but there is still a lot more to discover. And if I have to sum up all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, I would say, machines have the power to do tasks at a far greater speed, with more precision. But we are still far from the days when machines will be able to mimic humans completely.

Though some people argue that Artificial Intelligence will replace a lot of job roles. But I guess it will only increase the overall productivity.

Each passing day Artificial Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds to automate daily tasks while being agile and driving sustainability for businesses.


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