Artificial Intelligence

Surely - No Where Near To Natural Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

AI is a friendly technology that is here to be accepted without fail and all future products will be based on AI. Artificial intelligence is the craze in silicon valley, but on Wall Street...

Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Robots – Hollywood movies telling us since long those Robots are coming to get us, people were enjoying these indications as jokes and science fiction movies.

Risk is for Real if not AI

AI promises benefits, but also poses urgent challenges (not threats, please make a note) that cut across almost all industries and business be it of any nature, i.e software development, technical support ..

Artificial Intelligence in Real Life Business


Financial Technology - FinTech

The most striking AI solutions to FinTech, banks, insurance companies (now called InsureTech) and any other financial services company will probably be those that have the robust & smart financial systems with data security..

Cyber Security Getting Redefined
n a cybersecurity context, AI is a software that perceives its environment well enough to find events and take action against predefined purpose. It can also learn and build the rules on the go as well; actually that’s the real AI.
Powering Internet of Thing

Your smart phone (Extra smart actually) records and decode your personal conversation and next day you are served with ads related to your conversation day before. DataIntelligence only – Who cares for User Privacy